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      Born 1964 in Bludenz - Died 2015 in Vienna
He lived and worked in Bludenz, Gurtis, Innsbruck, St. Georgen (N ) and Vienna
Beginning of artistic activity with drawing and literature
Studies at the University of Applied and Contemporary Art, Vienna
Department painting, graphic arts and animated film with Christian Ludwig Attersee
Diploma of Painting and graphic arts with commendation of the University for Applied/Contemporary Art
Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Department sculpture with Bruno Gironcoli
Prize of the 22nd Austrian Graphic Art Competition
Prize of the Creditanstalt
Prize of the Federal state Tyrol, Austria
Prize of the Siemens Art Network
Nominated for the Georg Eissler award of the Bank Austria Unicredit Group

In three decades, Michael Vonbank created a large, multi-layered, original and highly varied body of work that encompasses the media of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, audio, theatre, prose and poetry. His work has been awarded with prizes and is represented in many private and public collections. The estate of Michael Vonbank comprises several thousand works.

His art is intuitive, spontaneous and powerful. Michael Vonbank brought ideas to the point in a matter of seconds, he was the medium and mouthpiece of his inexhaustible creative reservoir.

Vonbank worked a lot. His art often dealed with "opposite worlds" within the individual or social-cultural level. Vonbank aimed to uncover and reflect on "opposite worlds" that coexist in the same context but which also clash regularly. This realms can be of individual or psychological nature and they can be social or cultural realms.

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